Degree in Computer Engineering and Research and Marketing Techniques, Marc Garriga (@mgarrigap) is desideDatum’s founder and CEO. As one of the leading European experts in transparency, Open Data and Open Government, has participated in numerous initiatives in these areas. In mid-2012 created desideDatum Data Company, focused on service providing related to data management, such as advising the EPSI Platform (service of the European Commission to popularize and promote the reuse of public sector information in Europe) or the Government of Catalonia in creating its own Transparency Portal.

He defines himself as an activist pro-public sector, pro-transparency, pro-open government and pro-network-society. Among others, he is the founder of the Xarxa d’Innovació Pública (XiP), promoter of Catalunya Dades group, node in TheProject (THP) and founder of the Spanish group’s first board of Open Knowledge Foundation Network.


Joan de la Encarnación (@joandelae) graduated in Telecommunications Engineering and is an expert in Business Management, specializing in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. He has wide experience and recognition in the field of major accounts management and strategic business development on the consulting area, in particular on transition and transformation processes, as well as in the governance of ICT services and the sales and services teams management in the fields of ERP, CRM, BI, BPM, etc.

Currently faces the challenge of bringing excellence to desideDatum business model by placing it at the epicenter of emerging market of services related to Open Data, and make the company a european leader in this field.

SERGI AMIGÓ – Operations Director

Sergi Amigó (@SergiAmigo) is a telecommunications engineer who has developed his career in the field of project and services management, both in the public and private sectors. Among his experiences, highlights his work as Program Manager at the Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació (CTTI), coordinating the networks and telecommunications infrastructure initiatives of the Government of Catalonia in collaboration with other public administrations and private companies.

Thanks to its experience, has an extensive knowledge of the IT sector which has led him to become a management board member of the Col·legi Oficial d’Enginyers Tècnics i Perits de Telecomunicació de Catalunya. His experience in Open Data and transparency comes from his work on the City project for Barcelona City Council.

ALBERTO ABELLA – Senior Manager

As a superior telecommunications engineer, Alberto Abella (@aabella) is senior manager at DesideDatum. His research addresses the economic and social impact of open data and data-based innovation. He has been evaluator of many european companies with data-based business models and has worked for the European Union as an evaluator of projects related to open data. He has participated in european projects to promote the creation of data-based business companies. He has also taught on Open Data in different business schools like EOI and INAP.

He defines himself as an open activist; between 2003 and 2007 was coauthor of 3 white books on free software in Spain. Among others, is founder and former president of the Open knowledge ‘s Spanish chapter and founder of the Barcelona Open Data Association.

IMMA POMER – Chief Financial Officer

Imma Pomer has over 15 years of experience in the field of business management, project management, financial viability anaysis and process improvement. With a degree in Business Studies and additional training in accounting and taxation, has developed his career in a wide variety of sectors, highlighting the field of ICT, Education and Audit.

In desideDatum, works as Chief Financial Officer and is in charge of financial and analytical accounting; as well as of the customers, suppliers and external consultants management, treasury management and taxation of the Company. For its ability to manage large teams and thanks to his experience, Imma is the person in the company who keeps feet on the ground so the rest of us can free our imagination… without too many risks.

ALFONS CANO – Project Manager

Alfons Cano is a Chemical Engineer who has spent most of his career in the field of project management in the sector of Information and Communications Technologies. His programming and database management knowledge in all types of environments and architectures and information systems, together with his training as certified Project Manager, make him the ideal person to carry out his responsibilities as desideDatum Project Manager.

He has accredited training and experience in the main management methodologies and best practices for project management, which he has implemented successfully in all types of IT projects for large organizations in both the public and private sectors.

TONI RUBIO – Senior Consultant

Toni Rubio (@tonirubios) is a Telecommunications Engineer specializing in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Management.

His first work experiences were as a web app and distributed systems developer, highlighting his participation in the project of Shared Medical History of Catalonia (H3C) of the Generalitat de Catalunya. In recent years has developed his activity in the academic world, focusing his research in Business Intelligence (BI), especially in predictive data analysis. In parallel, he has worked on developing a BI system for the audit department of the Ministerio de Planejamento of the Government of Brazil. Aware of the data revolution that is happening in recent years, he wishes to contribute to the creation of a society that manages its data in a smarter and more transparent way.

ESTHER SANTOS – Junior Consultant

Esther Santos is an Industrial Design and Product Development Engineer.

He recently collaborated with the engineering department of a multinational company in the automotive sector.
He actively participated in the management of various social initiatives among which the establishment and management of an athenian.
She landed in the world of open data attracted by its capacity and its ambitious goal to transform ourselves into a more efficient but also and above all, more critical, responsible and fair society.