Alberto Abella, our senior manager, has participated in a round table on Open Source at the B2B Magnolia Amplify event

This September 27 Magnolia Amplify 2017 was celebrated. Magnolia Amplify is an event that brought together more than a hundred professionals from digital technology and marketing at the Architects’ Association of Madrid.
During the morning, the speakers have explained several success cases such as the one of Telefonica, Prosegur, or MIHAFP and the best customization practices in e-commerce and in user experience, among other issues.

Alberto Abella, senior manager of desideDatum, has participated in the round table of the National Federation of Free Software Companies (Asofil) and the Open Innovation Forum (FIA), where the topic of discussion has been Open Source. The CEO of Digital Ecosystems of Innovations, Jose Mª Fuster van Bendegem, CEO of, David Olmos Luis and the CTO of SmartLogin, also participated in the round table.

The knowledge of Open Source technologies brings many more benefits than the investment they require

Alberto Abella

Senior manager desideDatum
In Spain, the strategic thinking of systems and processes in companies is little developed

Jose Mª Fuster van Bendegem

CEO of Digital Ecosystems of Innovations
If there were no free software, it would be difficult to create startups and have entrepreneurship

Jose de Soto

SmartLogin's CTO