We not only provide consultancy services in relation to transparency in public administrations but also offer services to develop transparency portals. We are the Spanish partner of Socrata, the leading global company in the field of transparency portals (and related tools) for public administrations and private companies around the world. Our main services in the creation of transparency portals are, among others:

      • Previous information preparation and adaptation of the data, if it is necessary, to reusable and standards formats with .
      • Transparency portal creation using Socrata technology.
      • Information ulpoad automation and syncronization from customer’s information systems to Socrata instances. Should be remembered that Socrata is offered in SaaS mode, so their portals are hosted in the cloud.
      • Creation of additional services for data visualization. Although Socrata already offers an interesting  graphical experience, we develop specific taylored views for our clients.
      • Integration of transparency portal with the customer’s own CMS, using Socrata technology.
      • Transparency helpdesk service (implemented with Socrata technology).